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From Dawn To Dusk

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OK we're back! This time attempting Pooley's Dawn To Dusk challenge, established by the late Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip, which is now in it's 60th year. Our never before done challenge is to go from the UK's southern most airfield  (St Mary's in the Scilly Isles) to its northern most airfield (Unst/Baltasound in the Shetlands) in one day, during daylight hours, in a microlight. Please note - this excludes British overseas territories and crown dependencies as the Falkland's was always going to be a struggle! The weather is critical as is light. Unfortunately mid-summers day and good weather doesn't always go hand in hand.

We've had lots of support from airfields offering us free landings and even petrol so a massive thanks to St Marys and Blackpool Airport. Unst/Baltasound airfield have been really helpful as have Lamb Holm. We've even been offered free accommodation at the Baltasound Hotel. Weather is key and the chances are we won't be able to do it as per last year where the weather Gods didn't even permit us to get down to Scilly to start. 

We think it will be flying 872 miles over 12 hours 38 minutes covering 5 stops - St Mary's Scilly, Newport City, Blackpool, Perth/Scone, Lamb Holm (Orkneys) and Unst/Baltasound (Shetlands).

As always please donate if you can to either of two very worthwhile charities.

Regular updates will be posted via our twitter feed

Graham and Luke - June 2024

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