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Best Laid Plans ....

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

No More Russia, Ukraine or Belarus!

So you have plans and doing a regular blog is one of them. And then it all takes over. Luke has been constantly emailing countries and airfields for permission. Some countries are superbly efficient and free, other's don't reply and quote £1,000s. I now have lists of lists of "stuff" I need to do on the plane and stuff I need to buy. Personal travel insurance - so simple - but most don't cover you if you're microlighting even if the claim is at a museum in the town! Some seemingly quick things become slow. People and businesses can respond slowly and end up being the blocker for lots of other activities. And then, moving out of our 1st world problems, there's the conflict in Ukraine. We've lost money on visas and time on applications but nothing compared to what the people of that country have lost and are continuing to lose. It's given us perspective and let us to adding the International Red Cross Ukraine appeal to our charities we're ask for donations from.

Today we should've been heading up to Scotland for a 4 door shakedown of NINJ after I spent my evening working on her last night and getting in just after midnight. Luke joined me despite a massively long day and drive! She's beautiful (NINJ not Luke) but wouldn't be if we'd attempted to take her up today in gusts of 35 kts!

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